Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We've arrived!!!

So the first major hurdle in our VORTEX2 experience has been crossed.....we've made it to Norman, OK! We'll be here for the next several days doing training and preparations, learning how to launch the balloons, getting acquainted with the navigation/radar software, etc.

By and large the trip out was for some police activity on I-40 in OK. It made for some tense moments, as you can see from the picture below, but everything ended without incident and once the police re-opened the highway we were back on our way.

Today we've gotten to see two of our trucks, and have been working on loading software, etc. At this point the plan is to do some practice balloon launches in the next day or so along with taking first aid and CPR classes so we're ready to deal with whatever may arise once we hit the road on Sunday.

Posted by Adam


  1. Thanks for the update....glad you guys made it safely...

  2. NOAA P3s came to Raleigh wasn't too bad...airport got some nice lightning strikes...nothing severe today though...