Saturday, May 16, 2009

Squall Line Deployment (posted by Casey Letkewicz)

Yesterday the balloon team was able to collect some amazing data on a squall line. While squall lines are outside of VORTEX2's direct mission, the data nevertheless will go a long way in helping scientists to better understand thunderstorms. Here's a few pictures of the team launching balloons before and after the line of storms passed through:

Prepping for a launch as the squall line approaches:

Adam French (left) steadying a balloon as it is being filled with helium:

From left to right: George Bryan (NCAR), Matt Morin, Kate Rojowsky, and Tim Lim (NCAR) getting ready to launch:

From left to right: Dr. Parker, George Bryan, Matt Morin, Tim Lim:

It looks like the next several days will not be favorable for chasing, so we are hoping to begin looking at and analyzing all of the data that the team has collected this past week!

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