Sunday, May 10, 2009

V2 Operations, Day 1 (Posted by Adam French)

Today was the first official day of operations for VORTEX2. We started the day with a weather briefing at 10am, which confirmed what most of us had already determined: no storms today, so we're staying in Norman. This actually worked out well, as it gave us the opportunity to work out the few remaining kinks in our communications/navigation software, so that by the end of the day everything looks to be ready to roll (knock on wood). We're fully operational now, meaning that we've joined the rest of the armada at a common hotel, and that we're expected to be ready to go by the 10am briefing in the morning. I have to say, we make quite a site with all of our instrumented vehicles and mobile radars parked in front of the hotel!

Hopefully tomorrow we'll finally leave Norman for somewhere with some storms!!

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  1. Well, you made it through all the "stuff" you had to do to get to the fun stuff....goooooood....look forward to hearing the sound of freight trains through a camcorder...hopefully...