Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Test launch (posted by Matt Morin)

Since our group arrived in Oklahoma late last week, we've kept ourselves fairly busy with preparations for this year's field project. With no significant thunderstorm activity within the VORTEX2 storm chasing domain, there has been plenty of opportunity to check and double check our communication systems, mobile soundings equipment, as well as our own readiness to perform balloon launches in the field. The picture in the upper-right corner shows our group listening intently to Tim Lim's instruction of the launch procedure. For some of us, this is a welcomed review, for others, a first-time live demonstration of what they have only heard about over the past year. In this particular picture, Tim Lim (front) positions the radiosonde on the aspirator so that the weather instruments can acclimate to the ambient environment. This test launch was the only launch so far this season. In the weeks to come, I'm sure you'll see similar pictures to the one above, but with more interesting weather in the background.

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